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Truck maintenance: what tools do you need?

When traveling aboard a truck it is necessary to have everything you need to carry out an urgent repair or a small maintenance and continue the journey in peace. For this it is necessary that on the truck there is the right kit with everything needed for a “prompt intervention”. What are these truck maintenance tools ?

We will not focus on the extraordinary maintenance of the truck, which is usually done at least once a month in a specialized mechanical workshop, but on the ordinary one. The driver has to think about this on a weekly basis, since he knows every corner of his truck and can promptly recognize a defect or an anomaly. Unfortunately, accidents caused by poor maintenance and the consequent malfunction of trucks are increasing.

After (and even before) having faced a long journey aboard your truck, it is of considerable importance to thoroughly clean our truck , not only for an aesthetic reason but above all to promote safe driving. It is obviously the windscreen that must always be clean: it is not enough to operate the wipers; sometimes it is good to thoroughly clean all the glass.

It is advisable to use scrubbing brushes with anti-scratch fiber, which do not damage the windshield but still ensure effective cleaning; those equipped with an extendable handle can easily reach any corner of the surface. There are also different types of very suitable sponges and cloths, such as microfibre, antiseptic or suede ones.

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