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What can never be missing in the toolbox

Before listing the tools to keep on board our vehicle to carry out maintenance work on the truck, it is advisable that, when an intervention (of any kind) is being carried out, the truck driver wears a work suit, glasses and gloves .

If you are carrying out maintenance on the engine, it is necessary to observe and respect the safety protocol of the vehicle to lock the body , which must be lifted in the correct way. All this to avoid risks such as irritation, electric shocks or, in the worst cases, crushing due to the sudden closure of the body.

When doing this type of operation, caution must never be too much!

The first operation to carry out is a general check of the vehicle: the correct functioning of the brakes , wipers , headlights and indicators ; the correct orientation of the mirrors and the oil level in the engine.

cabin that could fall between the pedals. Checking the tires is very important : check that the tread pattern is well defined and visible and keep tire pressure under control.

it is necessary to have a toolbox and portable electric tools for maintenance of the vehicle. In particular , screwdrivers, wrenches of different sizes and grease nipples must never be missing to be able to intervene on the motor and on the various gears, especially those of the body, which must always work perfectly.

Among the electric tools it is necessary to have a compressor to always keep the tires at the correct pressure and electric screwdrivers for a correct and safer fixing of bolts and gears. It is always good to be equipped with lamps that allow you to thoroughly check the condition of the engine.

It could also be useful to equip yourself with a hand ladder , to be able to easily reach every area of ​​the truck avoiding getting on the body in a dangerous way. The ladder must always be properly fixed; falling from certain heights can cause serious damage.

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